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If you have been experiencing marital problems with your spouse and are considering divorce, you should search for an experienced New Orleans divorce lawyer who understands all the possible issues in a relationship and can provide sound legal advice. Unfortunately, some individuals might think “why do not require the expertise of a lawyer for divorce?” This divorce lawyer understands and analyzes all the legal aspects of a marital agreement; he also understands that you must have a solid basis to support your petition for divorce. There is a very specific procedure for filing a divorce petition, and only an experienced legal professional can recommend the proper process to follow. When we get married, we presume it is for life, and for the majority of us, taking a vow to love and care for someone for the rest of our lives is a very serious commitment. However, for some reasons, many marriages can end in divorce.

Embarking on married life is always exciting, and the prospect of starting a family and buying a family home usually is at the top of our list, yet as time passes and children grow up, many couples grow apart and may argue over a variety of matters.Rising debts are often the primary cause of family arguments and coupled with the stress created by this; many couples can end up divorcing. A lot of the time to blot out the worries of rising debts, couples can start drinking, which again can cause a partner to divorce his or her spouse. Physical and mental abuse is another reason cited in the divorce courts with infidelity being the most common.

Trial separations’ are always a good idea to try and save your marriage and especially useful if children are involved. By living apart for a little while, couples can begin to appreciate one another once again and, little by little, start to rebuild their marriage. It is well to remember that children are said to be the most affected when their parent’s divorce. So avoiding a messy divorce and trying to salvage your marriage is always advisable.  Unfortunately though, in many cases, the marriage may be beyond repair and no matter how many times things are talked through and problems discussed, divorce can be the only solution. If this is the case, and both partners agree that a divorce is the only way forward, then contact who will be able to begin divorce proceedings with the minimum of stress. Try and be as amicable with your partner as you can, whatever your differences may be, to avoid a messy, drawn-out divorce.

Top-Rated New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer

When the police charge you with a crime, immediately seek the counsel of this experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorney to stand by your side and provide valuable guidance through each step of the process. Never jeopardize your freedom. A criminal charge is not something that you want to face alone. Significant fines, possible jail time, a ruined reputation, and many other possibilities are just a few scenarios you may encounter. A criminal justice attorney can often lessen the impact or possible dismissal. You are much better off with his assistance.

This attorney’s area of expertise is drunk driving, car accident, criminal law, medical malpractice, real estate, probation, landlord, and tenant, to name a few. So, depending on the nature of your case and how complicated the matter is, consulting a legal specialist in the appropriate area of law will determine your best options. Because this attorney is specialized in dealing with criminal cases such as DWI, murder, arson, theft, etc. he is called a criminal lawyer. His primary role is to consider all the evidence and organize a successful defense for his client. He may function as either a defense lawyer or a prosecutor. He will advise the accused on legal matters, and help draft the framework for legal documents pertinent to his client’s defense.

In Louisiana, driving under the influence is a serious matter with consequences that can have a life-long effect if convicted. In general driving under the influence refers to the cases where the driver is impaired from taking drugs or consuming enough alcohol so that driving a vehicle is a danger to themselves and others. Consulting this New Orleans DWI lawyer can give you the details of what laws and rules apply to your given case. Visit for immediate help.

It is often possible for this attorney to argue the reliability of the chemical tests results. For example, individuals with teeth problems can hold additional alcohol in their mouth thus creating a falsely high result during a breath test. People suffering from consistently high heartburn can also demonstrate falsely high breath tests. Thoroughly exploring all your options by a qualified criminal defense lawyer so that your case does not result in a conviction when not necessary is of paramount importance.

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New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Explains Client’s Legal Rights

If you have experienced a severe injury because of the negligence of another, the first step is to talk to a personal injury lawyer. Brett Cueria is the right choice to maximize your opportunity for success. He will stand by you and fight for your rights to recover the financial compensation you are entitled to due to your injury. The right attorney makes all the difference in the world for a successful outcome. Insurance companies are masters at paying out as little as possible. This attorney understands their techniques and will not allow his clients to be deceived.

You may wonder, “Do I have a potential case?” That is usually the first question asked by victims of accidents that could have been avoided. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a legal action against the person or company who is responsible for your injury. This personal injury attorney is responsible for researching your case, presenting it and proving that negligence occurred. Of course, this is an oversimplification of the time and effort involved in winning a case. He will have to obtain statements from witnesses, photographs, medical reports, and other significant data for verification to establish fault.

Some people may assume that once the lawsuit is filed, they still have to go to court. Most cases settle out-of-court. It is to your advantage if possible to settle out of court simply because a trial could drag out for a long time, as well as saving money and reducing the stress of a lengthy legal battle. This lawyer is experienced and deals effectively with insurance companies to ensure that his clients are treated fairly and receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Mr. Cueria will obtain the best settlement possible for your case whether it goes to trial or is settled out of court. Please realize that in most cases, there is a statute of limitation in Louisiana. This means that the injured party has a limited time to file a lawsuit for damages. Visit to schedule a free consultation with this personal injury attorney to evaluate the merits of your case and discuss your options.

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